Join us in Jerez de Fronterra, Andalusia, Spain!

for Veterinary Business Management Strategies International. Enjoy opportunities to network with colleagues from all over the world and learn a smarter way to manage and grow your equine practice from international business experts. This is the first program that is also suitable for Companion Animal and Mixed practices. In addition to 3 1/2 days of instruction, you will receive all program materials, 4 nights lodging, all meals, breaks, evening activities and more!

Program Summary

This is the first Business Management Strategies program that is not only equine focused. We have learned through the years that there is a big need also in other veterinary practices as companion animal practices and mixed practices for business education. Therefore we have developed a program that will serve the needs of these different practices and that might even have more added value for the delegates due to the opportunity to interact and share experiences during the sessions.

We kindly invite veterinarians from other disciplines and species to join us at this program.

Business Model & Culture Innovations

Whitney Hischier

Innovation is an overused term across many industries- but what does it really mean?  In this session we’ll look at why innovation matters in your business model.  Specifically, we will use the Business Model Canvas to review your current business model and areas within them that can be innovated to create unique value propositions.  This is a train-the-trainer session and participants will leave with the tools and process to create business model innovations with their own teams.

How do you create a culture of innovation within your organization?  In this session we’ll look at personality types and leveraging diverse strengths on a team.  Participants will take the enneagram assessment and discuss its application to their teams as well as building trust. In the second part of this session, we’ll apply scenario planning tools to address the impact of local and global externalities on your organization, and the potential to apply innovation to not only mitigate risk but also increase growth.

Developing the Right Strategy & Systems for a Client Focused Business

Richard Nap, Philippe Moreau

Through interactive and real world cases and workshops this presentation will guide attendees in the creation of a leading client focused business. An active participation and interaction is required.

  • Marketing yourself and your Practice

What business are we really in? Who are our clients and can we segment them. How to brand and position your practice. Basic knowledge about marketing and understanding how to adapt it into the veterinary environment in order to optimally present and promote products and services can help to significantly improve the overall performance of the veterinary team.

  • Client Needs & Expectations from Veterinary Services

New trends in communication, social network and portable and new technologies (smart-phone, tablets etc.

  • What do we Sell and How?

How do we provide the optimal health care experience to our clients? What are the reasons they come to visit us and how do we optimally serve them in order to create a positive experience during the visit and favorable memory after they have left? Do you offer or sell your services? Is the whole team on board? What is the importance of a Grand Finale and how to implement it during each client contact?

  • Communication Tools that Drive Client’s Awareness & Increase Compliance

Matching the client needs at all stages of their experience, before – during and after the consultation in the clinic.

Integration of Digital Information in the Veterinary Clinic.

Diana Labitzke and Carsten Grussendorf

Veterinary clinics nowadays have to deal with a large amount of different digital information. How to deal with the diagnostic imaging modalities, in-house and external lab results, receiving and forwarding patient information etc. etc.  In this session we will discover how technology can help and make you spend your time and your staff’s time more efficiently.

Setting Financial Goals in your Practice and Keeping Score

Mike Pownall and Jaap Schepen

Where do you want to be with your practice financially next year and in five years? Furthermore, how can you keep score and what are your Key Performance Indicators? We will show you what matters and share tools that can keep you up to date.