At A Glance

Any veterinarian who owns their own business has struggled with the challenge of managing their business well, while still trying to be an excellent veterinarian. This conflict between business and profession affects veterinarians worldwide. Oculus Insights was formed because of this frustration,  and the desire to create solutions so that veterinarians could bridge the business owner/veterinarian gap.

Oculus Insights was founded by veterinarians to train other veterinarians the skills and insights needed to make their veterinary businesses more successful. We felt then, as we do now, that a well-managed practice is able to offer better patient care because they have the resources, people, and focus to support them.

Dr. Bob Magnus, the founder and past owner of the Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital, developed the Equine Business Management Program in 2006 to offer a comprehensive multi-day business education program for veterinarians and their key staff. In following years, the success and reputation of the program welcomed attendees from Europe and across the globe. One of the veterinarians attending the program was Dr. Joop Loomans from the Netherlands. He saw the educational and networking value in the program and worked with Dr. Magnus to offer a similar program in Europe starting in 2010 and continuing to this day.

In 2014 Oculus Insights created the Veterinary Business School, a multi-year MBA level certificate program, so that veterinarians and business managers could have a structured business education without the expense or time commitment of a traditional MBA program.

Finally, Dr. Mike Pownall, an owner of McKee-Pownall Equine Services in Canada, joined Oculus Insights in 2015 to help them expand their educational programing opportunities worldwide.

2016 saw the first Oculus International Horse Summit in China, and the introduction of the Veterinary Business School in Europe. In addition, one day workshops on specific subjects like Leadership and Strategy and Negotiations were introduced in the USA and Europe.

Over the years more and more of our students began asking us to apply our knowledge to actually manage their practices. In 2017 we began offering hands on management for all types of veterinary practices. While we still love business education we find our hands-on approach to management even more effective and fulfilling for our clients and ourselves.

In 2018 Oculus Insights expanded into Canada when Dr. Glenn Armstrong, Sue Armstrong and Katie Ardeline joined the team.   Dr. Armstrong brings additional business expertise as a companion animal veterinarian.  Sue Armstrong brings her certified business coaching skills to the team, while Katie brings her combined practice management and certified Human Resources professional designation.

  • 2006

    Equine Business Management Program Developed

  • 2010

    Expand Educational Programs into Europe


  • 2014

    Founded Veterinary Business School

  • 2015

    Expand Educational Programming Worldwide


  • 2016

    Oculus International Horse Summit in China

  • 2017

    Offering Hands On Management


  • 2018

    Expanded into Canada

Our Management Philosophy

At Oculus Insights our approach to business management is to first focus on the power of a well-functioning team as the foundation for business success. We firmly believe that unless all of our staff is fully engaged with their job and the company they work for it is impossible for them to care for our clients and our patients as much as we would like them to. The people in a business are what makes each business unique and often why clients remain loyal to one veterinary business over another. Having a reputation for being people focused enables practices to attract the best veterinarians and staff in our competitive market. Without the foundation of a strong team other areas of business management like increased profitability, practice growth, marketing, inventory control, and succession planning for example are much harder to achieve.

At the end of the day a well-managed veterinary business will have the people, processes and financial health to ensure the best veterinary care for their clients and patients. This is why we offer the various business solutions from Oculus Insights.