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Held May 1 – 5, 2016 in Sydney, Australia
We had a fantastic group of equine practice managers and practitioners who came together to learn a smarter way to manage and grow their practice, whatever the size! This Equine Business Management Strategies program provided them with the business education framework to improve key areas of practice management. The program was structured to foster peer interactions and offered many opportunities to network with colleagues and instructors. Watch for more information about our 2017 equine and other programs.

About this program

The equine veterinary industry’s signature annual business education program, developed by and for equine veterinarians and their key staff leaders. The conference brings together high-level thought leaders and influential business people from outside and inside the equine veterinary industry. It is a forum for strategic business discussions on the most pressing industry issues and offers unmatched opportunities to network with your peers.

Two Convenient Program Options

  1. All Inclusive Option AUD 4900 (Each additional and returning participant AUD 3900)NZEVA and EDV members AUD 3900 (send an email to:

– 3.5 Days of Instruction
– All Program Materials
– 4 Nights Lodging
– Lunches, Dinners, Breaks & Social Events

  1. Conference Only Option – AUD 2900 (send an email to:

– 3.5 Days of Instruction
– All Program Materials
– Lunches & Coffee Breaks

Marketing: Developing the Right Strategy & Systems for a Client Focused Business

Mike Pownall, Alison Cairns

Through interactive and real world cases this presentation will guide attendees in the creation of a leading client focused business. We will review new marketing tools in the veterinary market that can enhance current marketing efforts with proactive strategic marketing and time driven activity based costing (TDABC).  Using this simple system will give veterinarians the knowledge to utilize human resources more efficiently, price services better and schedule patient care better to improve client care and improve profitability.

Pricing Strategy and it’s effect on your bottom line

Chuck Johnson, Mike Pownall

This segment will present multiple pricing strategies (cost based, dynamic, time based) and their application in different markets and practice types and more importantly show how these affect your profitability. One of the most important pieces of any pricing strategy is identifying the associated cost and allocating them correctly. We will discuss these cost and their impact on pricing. We will introduce the concept of flexed budgets and show how subtle changes flow through the profit and loss statement to the bottom line. Practical exercises will demonstrate these concepts and prove the ease and the importance of implementation in your particular practice situation.

The equine industry at a global scale

Joop Loomans

Many sport horses nowadays travel the world. Our industry is globalizing rapidly also to places lacking the proper infrastructure. This may potentially jeopardize the wellbeing of these sport horses, but at the same time provides opportunities for the equine veterinary profession. How can we respond when our customers become global players? What are the opportunities and what are the threats of expansion of your practice outside the beaten track. The practical do’s and don’ts from someone “who has been there and done it”.

Productivity, Stress and Work-Life Balance

Joop Loomans

We all know why we started to study veterinary medicine in the first place and, more specific, work with horses for a living. Living your dream is great if your dream doesn’t become a nightmare. Statistics show that in our profession many people struggle with balancing dream and reality, balancing economics and philanthropy, balancing work and private life. Still equine veterinary practices exist, more veterinary faculties open their doors and young people opt for a career in our industry. How can we take advantage of their positive (and perhaps somewhat naïve) attitude, cherish their enthusiasm and coach them into a successful career for their benefit, the benefit of ourselves an of our profession? We will let you work with tools that are directly applicable in practice.

Lessons Learned & Implemented

Chris Wickliffe, Shannon Lee

Make it happen!  As practitioners we identify business problems and attempt to “fix it” – sometimes with great success and other times in failure.  Knowledge from these experiences are great lessons to be shared.  This action packed part of the program provides real life business lessons and solutions from colleagues from past EBMS programs and their experience from what they have implemented from this program.  Multiple business challenges/topics will be covered including the implemented treatments, their results, and the lessons learned from those experiences.  Join us to discuss “Best Practices” and look for new options to treat your business needs.

Building Value in your Practice

Kirk Eddleman

Sustainability of your practice is something to work on from the moment you start your practice or buy into a practice. Working hard in a practice to gain a salary is one thing, but to work on your practice as an owner/shareholder and creating shareholder value can be a different ballgame. How can you make sure your practice continues even after you retire and how does this fit into your retirement plan. This is a topic that will be addressed by Kirk Eddleman at our Sydney EBMS meeting in 2016.

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“Wow, the EBMS program! A much needed, refreshing and thought provoking course. Provided in an atmosphere that whilst stimulating wasn’t in anyway threatening nor stressful. How is it that we can become veterinarians without being empowered with these tools? I highly recommend any vet takes the time to attend this course. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Dr Shannon LeeParticipant of EBMS International Paris 2015