Comprehensive Business Education for the Veterinarian and Manager

Oculus is the leading advisor for veterinary professionals devoted to finding the right solutions to move your business forward. We’ve developed a Veterinary Business School program that focuses on delivering practical business insights that can be immediately implemented into a practice.

This multi-year certificate program is designed like no other with a flexible schedule and real-life, veterinary-focused content to allow the busy veterinary practitioner or manager to reach a high level of knowledge to make improvements in practice operations right away without the time commitments or expense of traditional MBA programs.

All of this is done with the support and backing of your peers in a small group setting with professional teachers.

Our program is designed to enable the busy practitioner to gain a higher level of knowledge to enhance their practice operations. The sessions meet twice a year in a small group setting, providing a more intimate, confidential and insightful experience. It’s also a more convenient alternative to the time commitment of an MBA program. Participants monitor progress through the use of dashboards and other relevant tools to ensure their practice is incorporating what they learn and are seeing positive changes in their practice.

We are currently enrolling new students into our Fall program in the United States, Canada and Europe. Time and space is limited to sign up today!

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The Core Objectives of the Veterinary Business School

  • Increase Business Skills

  • Increase Business Growth

  • Increase Business Profitability

  • Provide Tools For Implementation

  • Build Relationships and Networking

  • Build Better Life/Work Balance