Introducing Advice by Oculus

We are excited to announce the launch of our new service, Advice by Oculus. Advice by Oculus provides online support for veterinary businesses and professionals through business advisor sessions or personal performance coaching.
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Veterinary practice would be so much easier if all we had to do was treat our patients.

Instead, we have to deal with challenges such as hiring and retaining staff, attracting new clients, and maintaining profitability to name a few. Add in the uncertainty and volatility of the world outside our hospitals and the business of veterinary medicine can take all of the pleasure out of being a veterinarian, practice owner or manager.

Advice by Oculus offers solutions that are convenient, effective and accessible.

Having a personal business advisor or performance coach can help you clear your obstacles to enjoying professional and personal satisfaction and success.

Advice by Oculus makes finding and working with an advisor or coach easier than ever. Choose times that work for you and call in from anywhere that works for you. Think of it like telemedicine, but for advice.