Mike Pownall

Dr. Pownall


My wife, Dr. Melissa McKee, and I started McKee-Pownall Equine Services, in 2002. We have grown to include 2 equine clinics in the Toronto, Ontario area. Even as a veterinary student I had a strong interest in the business side of veterinary practice. I realized that having a strong business foundation in a hospital, or clinic would enable us to provide the best veterinary care, to our patients. We felt that we can’t offer excellent care if the business is struggling to pay its bills, or can’t afford the right diagnostic equipment because of poor financial management, or if there is high staff turnover because of a poor work environment. Good business leads to good medicine, it’s as simple as that.

In 2015 I became a principal of Oculus Insights, a business education company that offers various business education opportunities to veterinarians of all species. Click here to more information about Oculus Insights.

We are always looking to help others in the veterinary profession, so let me know how we can help.