Business Management Services

Managing a veterinary business is becoming more challenging.  Veterinarians and colleagues tell us that they are worried about staying relevant in the face of corporate groups adding new competitive threats, and as they have grown their practice have become too big to be managed with their skill set. After all, we became veterinarians to work with animals, not examine spreadsheets, or create strategic plans. Oculus Insights offers complete management services for those practices that want to focus on what they love – veterinary medicine. We handle your Human Resources, Financial Management, Accounts Receivables, Growth Strategies, Marketing, Negotiating Equipment and Pharmaceutical purchases, and more. We work with you to maintain your practice independence and reputation while relieving the headache of practice management.

Financial Health Assessment

If you’re unsure of where you currently are, the path forward can be impossible to find, and obstacles can seem insurmountable. Understanding the state of the financial health of your practice gives you the knowledge to make the most of your business now, and invest in your future.


Many marketing agencies provide good marketing but don’t look at your whole business leading to missed opportunities, a lower return on investment and marketing efforts that look just like your neighbouring practices.

We provide a different approach. We look at your entire business, find solutions that work for you and then get to work bringing new customers to your door.

Oculus Strategy Package

A strategy is essential for any sized business to help plan your future and maximize your chances of success. It is a process of decision making that helps to focus the business of what it truly needs to do to be successful by offering sustained value to their clients over a period of time.

Oculus Virtual Advisor

It can be very lonely leading and managing a business. Often, we find ourselves having to make decisions that can have a significant impact on finances, staff and the overall health of the business.

Oculus Insights offers a Virtual Advisor program where you will have confidential scheduled meetings with one of our business specialists to help you tackle your business challenges.

Pricing Strategy & Implementation

Oculus Insights will evaluate the current price list of services and medications and work with the practice to optimize their pricing to maximize value. Included in the service is staff training to encourage client compliance, and identifying opportunities that may allow future price enhancements.

Customer Experience Tool – Oculus Radar4Vets

This tool allows a veterinary practice to measure their customer experience on a daily basis. Having a dashboard that can tell practice managers what went well and what could improve in a close to real-time basis is essential in the modern veterinary practice. Radar4Vet is based on ten questions related to a clients’ recent visit and includes the Net Promotor Score. Our timely dashboard report helps clinics respond the same day, giving compliments to your staff or the ability to reach out to unhappy customers.

Full Management Packages

Oculus will help manage your practice incorporating all of the above packages. With our financial, operational and human resource management skills we will institute systems and programs within your practice to ensure optimal patient care, practice growth, engaged employees and increased profitability. These are custom-designed programs to suit individual practices. The length of the program will depend on the scope of the package.


Coaching helps develop confident and engaged employees. They become empowered to contribute to their full potential, creating more value for your business and contributing to building a positive environment where anyone would want to work.

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