Human Resource Services

In the challenging world of owning and managing a veterinary business we are confident that great staff and vets make the biggest difference to the success of a practice. We all know that veterinary medicine is a people business and nowhere is that more important than with the people that we employ.

Oculus Insights has developed a customizable human resource management system focused on our veterinary profession. We establish HR protocols, perform appraisals, determine the best compensation system for veterinarians and staff, hire the best people and fire those people that just aren’t working out. We also offer Performance Coaching for veterinarians and staff members to help them achieve their personal and professional potential making them outstanding contributors to your business.

We have developed a tool that can measure employee engagement in your practice to determine if you are heading in the right direction. A happy workforce translates into loyal clients and increased profitability.

Full HR Program Implementation Package

Foster a culture of common purpose with clear expectations and shared goals by building a full Human Resources program. Our complete Human Resource Implementation program covers all aspects of managing your people.

Mission & Vision Discovery Package

A company that doesn’t know who it is, and where it is going is destined to underachieve.

At Oculus we believe that outstanding companies are built upon a solid foundation of values and purpose that guide the company to a future of unimagined success. At the same time, employees want to work for companies that share their values and stand for something great.

Employee Engagement Survey Package

Companies with high employee engagement are more profitable, have more loyal clients and keep great staff. Highly engaged employees try harder and care more so why not discover the areas where your company is doing well, and where it needs to improve in engaging their staff.

Performance Review System Design and Implementation Package

A great performance review program is something that managers and staff look forward to because it is simple, transparent and objective while giving guidance for wage increases based upon an objective numerical scoring system.

Human Resources Compliance Package

No business wants to expose themselves to any sort of legal actions against it. That is why an effective Human Resource program must have a complete set of customized HR-related documents and forms to help ensure compliance with governmental labour and Human Rights laws as they pertain to the workplace.

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